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Sig Erson Racing Cams was founded in 1964 with the goal of producing the best possible camshafts for all types of racing. The company quickly earned a reputation for camshafts which not only made great power, but also were easy on the valve train components. Erson Cams grew rapidly and became a well respected name in racing and hot rodding, establishing a remarkable record of racing successes including Top Fuel, Funny Car, Circle Track Dirt and Asphalt, Land Speed Racing and Marine.

In 2006 Erson Cams joined with the PBM Performance Group of Louisville, KY. With the merger of Erson Cams and PBM Performance Products a complete line of valve train and related components was developed. This new product line offers state of the art valve train systems to complete race and performance engine packages.

Today, Erson Cams continues to develop innovative products which are known for their outstanding performance and reliability.