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SSTBI - PBM Performance - HVH Super Sucker TBI-1"

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A carburetor spacer increases the intake plenum volume by creating a taller neck on the manifold. With the extra volume, the distance between the plenum floor and the bottom of the carburetor is also increased. The extra distance helps the fuel/air mixture to remain more consistent. Along with the extra plenum volume, the intake runner volume is also increased, potentially allowing the engine to breathe more efficiently and ultimately make more power. HVH Super Sucker

HVH Super Sucker
Aluminum Adapter For GM TBI, Carb Base
  • Carb Base: TBI
  • Height: 1 Inch
  • Material: Aluminum
WARNING: May Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Brand:
    • PBM Performance
  • Carb Flange:
    • TBI
  • Intake Flange:
    • TBI
  • Notes:
    • GM V-8 WITH TBI