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011250-1 - World Products - Sportsman II 23 Degree SBC Iron Head - 200cc Intake Port, 64cc Chamber, 2.020/1.600 Intake/Exhaust Valves, Straight Plugs, Assembly w/1.250? valve springs for hydraulic flat tappet cams

Part #WPI011250-1
The first true aftermarket performance cylinder head, good for 30-70HP over stock, and emissions legal! The industry’s most popular true high performance cast iron cylinder head has been continuously improved since its introduction over 20 years ago. With 200cc intake and 69cc exhaust ports, World’s SPORTSMAN II heads offer 30-70 horsepower gains over OEM heads, yet are 50-state emissions legal (E.O. #D-343-1).
WARNING: May Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Brand:
    • World Products
  • Category:
    • Sportsman II
  • Chamber Volume:
    • 64cc
  • Make:
    • Chevrolet
  • Material:
    • Iron
  • Notes:
    • For hydraulic flat tappet cams
  • Runner Volume:
    • 200cc
  • Spark Plug:
    • Straight
  • Valve Head Diameter:
    • 2.020/1.600
  • Valve Spring:
    • 1.250
Assembly components listed below are subject to change without notice.

Cylinder Head: 011250
Intake Valves: 2105
Exhaust Valves: 2003
Valve Springs: 3000
Retainers: 501S
Valve Locks: 205
Valve Seals: OS450-100

May contain valve spring shims.