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In 1964, armed with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and a single cam-grinding machine, Sig Erson Racing Camshafts was born. The goal: To produce the best possible camshafts for all types of racing. The first Erson facility was a small 1600 square foot truck repair shop in Hawthorne, California. Meager beginnings for what Erson Cams was to become.

With no budget for advertising or even state of the art machinery (lobe models and masters were often hand ground) Sig Erson Racing Camshafts quickly gained a huge following in both racing and the burgeoning hot rod scene of the 60's and 70's. It was simple, if you wanted a engine that made incredible power yet was easy on valve train parts, an Erson Cam was your only choice.

Sig Erson Racing Camshafts quickly out grew the Hawthorne Facility and moved, in 1967 to a 4000 sq ft facility in Long Beach, California. In 1969, Mr. Erson and his crew of 10 full time cam grinders, moved yet again to a 10,000 sq ft building. At the time it was the largest facility in the country dedicated to state of the art camshaft development and grinding. In 1981 Super Shops Inc purchased Sig Erson Racing Camshafts. The name was changed to Erson Cams and the company was relocated to Carson City, Nevada.

1997 marked the beginnings of dark times with Super Shops Inc. going bankrupt. Erson Cams and its sister company  Mallory Electric, were purchased by a succession of owners: Echlin, Dana and finally Mr. Gasket. Despite the lack of ownership support, Erson Cams persevered, continuing to develop new product lines such as the FSP Valve Springs, FE Ford, Chrysler Shaft Mount Billet Rocker Arms and continued the development of camshafts.

In 2006 Erson Cams was purchased by Engine Parts Warehouse, Inc./PBM Performance Products of Louisville, KY. With the merger of Erson Cams and PBM Performance Products a complete line of valve train and related components was developed. This new product line offers state of the art valve train systems to complete race and performance engine packages.

Erson Camshafts have powered motor sport racings greats to some impressive milestones:

•Eddie Hill: The first Top Fuel Dragster to break the four-second barrier.
•Kenny Bernstein: The first Top Fuel Dragster to run 300 mph.
•Chuck Etchells: The first Top Fuel Funny Car to break the four-second barrier.
•Jim Epler: The first Top Fuel Funny Car to run 300 mph.
•John Force: Thirteen NHRA Championships, and 100+ National Event wins with Erson Cams.
•Tony Pedregon: 2007 NHRA Funny Car World Champion and ET record holder
•Countless land speed records at both El Mirage and Bonneville Salt Flats.
•Circle Track Dirt and Asphalt Erson powers many prominent race teams.

Now located in Louisville Kentucky, Erson Cams under the new ownership has developed over 100 new cam lobe profiles to satisfy the needs of the modern market from hydraulic roller 4-7 swap camshafts to new fuel profiles that are setting NHRA records.

•The FXR Series of flat tappet camshafts have become the engine builder’s favorite.
•The Energy Series camshafts, big power cams that any racing budget can afford.
•The 422 series of solid roller lobes, setting new track records throughout the country.
•LS1 specific .365" roller hydraulic racing lobes.
•New F.S.P. series springs. Both new dimensions and further development on the most consistent and  most durable valve spring the racing world has ever seen.

The Erson staff are constantly working directly with professional race teams and engine builders to bring our customers the latest and most powerful camshafts in the industry through innovation and cutting edge technology.

Erson Cams: 50 Years of Power and Excellence.