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PBM Performance Products is well known among professional engine builders and machine shops as a supplier of premium quality hardcore performance engine components and related products. We carry a wide array of brands from leading manufacturers in addition to our own extensive line of PBM brand components. We also specialize in pre-packaged engine kits with performance matched and dyno tested combinations, as well as custom engine kits.

At PBM we listen to our customers, and we are constantly updating and improving our product lines to provide our customers with the latest technology and popular current engine combinations. We offer only high quality components, our products are suited to various performance levels including street, drag racing, oval track and professional venues. As you will see browsing our website and in our catalog, we have your needs covered with an outstanding line of performance products.

Please call for updates on the latest components as we are constantly researching to supply you with the latest technology and products. Our branded lines are the best available to date, ie, Carrillo rods, PBM heads and blocks, Cometic gaskets, JE Pistons, Mahle pistons, to name a few. We dyno test not just individual components to confirm performance and reliability, but complete engine combinations to arrive at the best horsepower and torque levels that are suited for various applications.

With six warehouses located throughout the United States, we are able to provide superior customer service and fast delivery times to most areas of the country.

Erson Cams

In 1964, armed with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and a single cam-grinding machine, Sig Erson Racing Camshafts was born. The goal: To produce the best possible camshafts for all types of racing. The first Erson facility was a small 1600 square foot truck repair shop in Hawthorne, California. Meager beginnings for what Erson Cams was to become.

With no budget for advertising or even state of the art machinery (lobe models and masters were often hand ground) Sig Erson Racing Camshafts quickly gained a huge following in both racing and the burgeoning hot rod scene of the 60's and 70's. It was simple, if you wanted a engine that made incredible power yet was easy on valve train parts, an Erson Cam was your only choice.

Sig Erson Racing Camshafts quickly out grew the Hawthorne Facility and moved, in 1967 to a 4000 sq ft facility in Long Beach, California. In 1969, Mr. Erson and his crew of 10 full time cam grinders, moved yet again to a 10,000 sq ft building. At the time it was the largest facility in the country dedicated to state of the art camshaft development and grinding. In 1981 Super Shops Inc purchased Sig Erson Racing Camshafts. The name was changed to Erson Cams and the company was relocated to Carson City, Nevada.

1997 marked the beginnings of dark times with Super Shops Inc. going bankrupt. Erson Cams and its sister company Mallory Electric, were purchased by a succession of owners: Echlin, Dana and finally Mr. Gasket. Despite the lack of ownership support, Erson Cams persevered, continuing to develop new product lines such as the FSP Valve Springs, FE Ford, Chrysler Shaft Mount Billet Rocker Arms and continued the development of camshafts.

In 2006 Erson Cams was purchased by Engine Parts Warehouse, Inc./PBM Performance Products of Louisville, KY. With the merger of Erson Cams and PBM Performance Products a complete line of valve train and related components was developed. This new product line offers state of the art valve train systems to complete race and performance engine packages.

Erson Camshafts have powered motor sport racings greats to some impressive milestones:

  • Eddie Hill: The first Top Fuel Dragster to break the four-second barrier.
  • Kenny Bernstein: The first Top Fuel Dragster to run 300 mph.
  • Chuck Etchells: The first Top Fuel Funny Car to break the four-second barrier.
  • Jim Epler: The first Top Fuel Funny Car to run 300 mph.
  • John Force: Thirteen NHRA Championships, and 100+ National Event wins with Erson Cams.
  • Tony Pedregon: 2007 NHRA Funny Car World Champion and ET record holder
  • Countless land speed records at both El Mirage and Bonneville Salt Flats.
  • Circle Track Dirt and Asphalt Erson powers many prominent race teams.

Now located in Louisville Kentucky, Erson Cams under the new ownership has developed over 100 new cam lobe profiles to satisfy the needs of the modern market from hydraulic roller 4-7 swap camshafts to new fuel profiles that are setting NHRA records.

  • The FXR Series of flat tappet camshafts have become the engine builder’s favorite.
  • The Energy Series camshafts, big power cams that any racing budget can afford.
  • The 422 series of solid roller lobes, setting new track records throughout the country.
  • LS1 specific .365" roller hydraulic racing lobes.
  • New F.S.P. series springs. Both new dimensions and further development on the most consistent and most durable valve spring the racing world has ever seen.

The Erson staff are constantly working directly with professional race teams and engine builders to bring our customers the latest and most powerful camshafts in the industry through innovation and cutting edge technology.

Erson Cams: 50 Years of Power and Excellence.

PBM Performance Products

World Products has been producing affordable high performance cast iron engine blocks and cylinder heads for twenty five years, beginning in 1987 with a pioneering small block Chevrolet cylinder head and continually expanding the line to become a leading aftermarket manufacturer. World Products first design was a cast iron head for the small block Chevrolet that delivered impressive performance gains. This head became an instant success and was named Product of the Year in 1988 by Hot Rod Magazine. It produces 30-70 HP over stock heads, and remains the only high performance cast iron small block head to be certified for use in many racing leagues.

Following on the success of the small block heads, World next developed a new big block cylinder head with equally impressive results, then continued on to ultimately produce a full line of blocks and heads for domestic V8 engines. World's blocks and heads are packed with performance enhancing features which make them far superior to OEM castings. Widely used in all forms of motorsports, from drag racing, circle track dirt and asphalt to off-road and marine racing, World block and heads deliver race-winning performance and durability.

World Products aftermarket cast iron division was acquired by new ownership in October of 2012, shortly before the SEMA show. The first step was to immediately set about implementing a series of production improvements to ensure that the World Products brand will represent a quality product in every possible way. The foundry tooling was evaluated and freshened where necessary. World castings are made in the USA from high strength iron alloy. Machining operations have been moved to a new facility and utilize state-of-the-art CNC machining centers manned by experienced technicians. An all new, stringent quality control program has been implemented with hands-on monitoring and sophisticated CMM inspection procedures. Customer service is a top priority at World. Engine blocks and cylinder heads are kept in stock in World’s warehouse in order to facilitate fast delivery to virtually any part of the country.

At World Products we listen to what our customers needs are and we are constantly changing our products to keep up to date with the latest technology and engine combinations. We offer only high quality components, our products are suited to various performance levels from street, drag racing, oval track and professional venues.

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